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Third Eye Stimuli



Third Eye Stimuli is a Sydney / Wollongong based independent record label, bringing you far out sounds from Australia and beyond. The label was founded by friends Josh White and Rick Snowden around 2014/15 when living together in a tiny apartment in Bondi Beach, Sydney, when they were performing in their first band The Grease Arrestor.

In mid-2016, the label shared it's first vinyl release — The Jim Mitchell’s debut EP 'Planet Absorbed'. From then on the roster has grown rapidly with new recruits Luke Spook, Rosa Maria, Joe Ghatt (NZ), The Uplifting Bell Ends, Noodle House, Sunfruits, The Oogars, PEEL, The Laurels, Chet Sounds, The Flamingo Jones and a slew of others becoming part of the weird and wonderful family.


Third Eye Stimuli celebrates an eclectic sonic palette born from an appreciation for sounds of the late 60s and 70s. A place for anyone obsessed with today’s Aussie garage and psychedelic movements, authentic folk tunes and country twangs, disco beats and freaky grooves.

Send us your demos!

We always love to hear new music from bands we may not have heard of yet! Feel free to send your demos or finished albums. We've always valued good ideas and timeless songwriting, over slick production. Bit of a tip: if you are serious about working with us, it's always helpful if you write a clear email with working links to streaming, album artwork, band bio and any other cool shit you think we will dig!

Please be patient if you don't hear from us straight away. Our inbox get's smashed and it can take us a few weeks sometimes to get around to responding. We try our best to reply to everyone but unfortunately some slip through the cracks. 

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