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Joe Ghatt -  Banana Sludge (Extended) (TES009)

TES009 Joe Ghatt-Banana Sludge (Extended).jpg

About the Album

We heard your calls, we have listened to the people and now we bring you Joe Ghatt's impressive debut record 'BANANA SLUDGE' on VINYL for the first time! A special collaboration with our new friends from France, Six Tonnes De Chair.

Early in 2019 Third Eye Stimuli Records had the unexpected pleasure of releasing an album that could very easily have been lost in the haze of the late 60s, probably on the west coast of USA. Turns out Joe Ghatt lives just across the pond in Auckland, NZ and as he fed us a few songs here and there, it wasn't long before we knew that we had discovered something special.

Sure to please fans of The Babe Rainbow, Mystic Braves and 60s era groups like The Seeds and The Notorious Byrd Brothers, 'Banana Sludge' effortlessly fuses classic sounds that we know and love, with something brand new and unpredictable. All recorded the old fashion way – straight to magnetic tape at Joe's home.

After performing and collaborating the last few years with Kiwi Psych Rockers Arthur Ahbez and Kelvin Hurts, Joe found some spare time to explore his own groovy lofi palette; 'Banana Sludge' was the result of this self-discovery.



Released January 22, 2020

All songs written and recorded by Joe Ghatt

Drums by Chey Douglas on "Any Old"
Drums by Martijn Egelmeer on ‘New Skin’

Mastered by Patrick Haight

Original artwork by Courtney Harper
Vinyl cover designed by Joshua White

Released in EU by our friends, Six Tonnes De Chair Records


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