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Chet Sounds is the solo project by enigmatic DIY artist Chet Tucker, most recognised for his contributions to Sydney psych-folk outfit The Uplifting Bell Ends. Chet’s musical creations are timeless, with noticeable shades of 70’s classic rock, folk and psychedelia.


Blending vintage coloured recording equipment with intricate melodies, genius arrangements and technical brilliance (particularly spacious fuzz guitar), Chet takes his listener through bygone eras tonally while singing folk tales themed around coming of age and facing up to various struggles of life. Connections can be heard linking Chet’s home grown productions with influences like Neil Young, The Band, The Beach Boys and Todd Rundgren


Chet’s love for wearing both composer and producer hats stems from watching countless music documentaries as a boy, buying his first Tascam four track at the age of 16 after seeing Ween using one in a video.


Chet’s 2021 debut album ‘Chet Sounds’ is the perfect passage to his own hyper-creative mind with 13 tracks of DIY psychedelic folk music made entirely in a 1970’s caravan. Around half the tracks are exclusively instrumental, which given their exquisite complexity, never fail to maintain an engaged ear. The rest tell tales of finding one’s place in the world, embracing individuality and paying tribute to his pet cat.

"...homegrown psych-folk luster loaded with frenzies of fuzzy guitar layers and succulent arrangements of 70s organ tones and drum breaks." — New Commute (USA)

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