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The Uplifting Bell Ends - Super Giant II (TES029)


About The Release

Originally released in 2017 by the now defunct Dinosaur Records, 'Super Giant II' has become one of The Uplifting Bell Ends most appreciated records, earning itself more than a cult status. With just 8 tracks in total, this album is the epitome of short and sweet with every track cutting straight to the point. Following their first 'Super Giant' collection, the Bell Ends depart their King Gizzard-esque jams and venture into late 60s influenced garage rock, surf and psychedelia. 'The Shadows' and 'Lying Woman' could have been unearthed from a Nuggets compilation and the epic 'Sweetheart, I Thought I Saw You' is a clear standout and a staple in the Bell Ends live show. 

Released December 1st, 2017



1. Intro
2. Super Giant Returns
3. Summer Solstice
4. The Shadows
5. Lying Woman
6. A Sentimental Gentleman
7. Winter Solstice
8. Sweetheart, I thought I Saw You


James French: vocals, harmonica, recorder, percussion
Luke Moroney: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Lucas Taylor: drums
Jack Whittingham: electric guitar

Olivia French: flute
Ellie Moroney: cello
Josh Stone: nothing

Mixed and Mastered by Jack Scott
Recorded by Frenchy

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