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Third Eye Stimuli's very own series of intimate backyard performances.

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The Oogars perform hits from their debut EP!

Far Out Garden Sounds returns with dreamiest of pre-lockdown outdoor performances by The Oogars. It's not been long since The Oogars delivered us their debut 4-track EP 'Waiting All Day' – a release that has seen growing admiration for the Northern Rivers all-female psych rock quartet.

Tracklist: 01 Girl In The Mirror / 02 Waiting All Day / 03 Flowers

Performing: Gemma Owens (Vocals/Guitar), Tanisha Cook (Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Emily-Grace Lawlor (Vocals/Bass), Daniella Cassimatis (Drums/Percussion)

It's clear that The Oogars draw from a broad pallet, most obviously 60’s surf, psychedelic rock and garage, fused with Middle Eastern inspired grooves. What the Oogars really shine at however, is their ability to tie their instrumental pastiche with dynamic, yet heartfelt vocals – dreamy at times, in-your-face and confronting at others.

The 'Waiting All Day' EP represents the transition the band endured, leaving behind uni degrees, societal expectations and previous lifestyles that weren’t serving them, to pursue something that spoke to their higher powers. The Oogars truly find their own enlightenment through making music and performing together.

Previous Episodes

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Coming up next in the garden...

Tropical Strength

Premiere date coming soon

Watch this space for more details!


About Far Out Garden Sounds

FAR OUT GARDEN SOUNDS is a manifestation of Third Eye Stimuli’s DIY mantra, putting groups both on and off the label roster, into a leafy backyard space to perform live. 


The series seeks to shine a light on like-minded artists within the rock, indie and psych space while simultaneously celebrating the natural outdoor environment of the Illawarra region. Sets are captured with ambient microphones allowing birds, trees and the general sonics of mother nature to creep into the production, adding a unique twist to the experience.

(Something about how it started - Joe Ghatt tour etc)


In 2022, Third Eye Records received sponsorship from Wollongong City Council for supporting the local culture and arts community, particularly in developing grass roots artists.


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