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Rosa Maria -  Here She Comes (TES007)

TES007 Rosa Maria-Here She Comes.jpg

About the Album

Much like their notoriously electric live shows, the band's new album is full of hip-shaking boogies, surf-swamp overtones and all out 60s revival garage bangers. Lead vocal duties are shared at times, adding variety and a chance for listeners to take a breather before the growls, sparkling fender tones and groovy percussion work lure you back to your feet.

“We write the songs for people to dance to” says Rosa Maria’s frontman, Broc Townsend. But while the album will no doubt keep your shoes tapping and hips shaking, there’s also some deeper thoughts and themes in the lyrics. Broc explains that the title track is “all about La Calavera Catrina (the symbol for the Day of The Dead). She comes from the dead to tell me to not fear death, but to celebrate death.” This theme was represented quite literally in the band’s unreal new video starring Natalie de Silver of cult Sydney band, The Dandelion.

Different to Rosa Maria’s debut album Let It Be Known, their sophomore Here She Comes was put together over a much lengthier period. Spending late nights recording with Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows) in his basement studio in Kings Cross, the songs were then driven through analogue hardware for mixing and finally handed over to Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control) for the mastering polish.

Since performing their first show in early 2017 and releasing their debut album 'Let It Be Known', the band have torn through venues all Australia – playing shows alongside the likes of The Murlocs, Stonefield, The Ruminaters, The Dandelion, Los Tones and a whole stack of others. 



Released September 20, 2019

All songs written and performed by Rosa Maria

'Here She Comes' & 'I'll Be Gone' were recorded at Megaphon Studios, St Peters. All other songs recorded at Goliath Studios, Kings Cross.
Engineered by Owen Penglis
Mixed by Owen Penglis
Mastered by Mikey Young

Album artwork by El Oso Negro Sign Co.


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