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Hot Apple Band (fka Noodle House) is Sydney’s most talented and tasteful revivalists of 60s/70s rock, folk and alt-country, fronted by multi-instrumentalists Jack Kinder and Lewis Mosley.

Somewhat shrouded in mystery, Noodle House began as the solo project of talented frontman Jack Kinder, who wrote, recorded and released two cult classic singles, ‘Til The End’ (2018) and ‘One Day’ (2019). As this pair of lush, psych-rock gems continued stacking play counts, Jack bolstered the act with support from friend and multi-instrumental wizard, Lewis Mosley alongside various talented cohorts, transforming the band into an unmissable live performance.

Now going by Hot Apple Band, Jack and Lewis have been carefully crafting their debut album, with a collection of tracks that cover broad ground, from country-tinged 70’s soft rock, to Beatles-flavoured psychedelic numbers. Upgrading his studio arsenal and sharpening his engineering skills, Jack and Lewis have been relentlessly giving birth to the album at home, allowing ample time for this body of work to become all that it deserves to be.

With Jack’s smooth vocals, arrangement prowess and gorgeous vintage production shades, the band has become a family favourite of Third Eye Stimuli, representing everything we adore in an act. We, alongside all that have spun the singles or caught a live performance, eagerly await the release of their debut album, So Long, Noodle House.

"Sydney’s Noodle House create tender rock music, drenched in warmth and vintage authenticity. Think early 1970’s with a twist of psychedelia and a decent touch of home-grown charm." — Deafen County

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