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Joe Ghatt

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Hailing from the sunny town of Nelson, New Zealand, Joe Ghatt currently lives in Auckland where he continues his DIY musical explorations. 


After performing and collaborating with Kiwi Psych Rockers Arthur Ahbez and Kevin Hurts, Joe found some spare time to explore his own sonic palette, resulting in his cult collectible debut LP ‘Banana Sludge’ (2019). Joe’s very first release, full of tape and reverberated flavours, made waves across the globe, due to its timeless appeal and the co-release partnership between Third Eye Stimuli and Six Tonnes de Chair (France).


Sure to please fans of The Babe Rainbow, Mystic Braves, White Fence and 60’s era groups like The Seeds and The Notorious Byrd Brothers, Joe Ghatt has a way of effortlessly fusing classic and nostalgic music with his own authentic and potent sound — all recorded the old fashion way — straight to magnetic tape.


During his maiden tour of Australia, his band performed at a slew of sold out shows, where he successfully transformed his humble home recordings into a wild performance, full of extended jams and flowing improvisation. In 2020 the band supported California’s Allah Las on their tour of NZ, playing sold out shows to rooms full of adoring fans. 

"Ghatt’s a vibe channeller in the modern tradition, soaking his sound in the sepia tones and dust scratch aesthetics of the ‘60s..." — Raven Sings The Blues

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