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Laure Briard

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Performing in the field of pop, garage rock and bossa nova, Laure Briard weaves small pieces of psychedelic ye-ye where sweetness combines with the cruelty of our existence. Hailing from France, Briard is a worthy heiress to Françoise Hardy, Margo Guyan and Vashti Bunyan and has created intimate albums between realism and poetry.

Laure Briard has been making music since 2013 and has released a prolific catalogue with four EPs and three albums, in which Briard sings in her native language French, English and recently, Portuguese. On her latest EP ‘Eu Voo’ (2021) and also ‘Coração Louco’ (2018), Briard collaborated with Brazilian psych outfit Boogarins. Her albums ‘Révélation’ (2015), ‘Sur la piste de danse’ (2016) and ‘Un peu plus d’amour s’il vous plaît’ (2019) are a blend of traditional French pop, summery psychedelia and bossa nova that revives 60s French ye-ye and transports her listeners to exotic places.

Laure Briard’s upcoming fourth album Ne pas trop rester bleue took nearly three years to finish. The labour was long, enriched by her travels in Joshua Tree, California, and in the end, liberating. Fitting with its english translation “Don’t stay too blue”, this album is lighter and more optimistic than some of Briard’s past material, it follows an autobiographical story punctuated with encounters. Carole King stands as a major influence, following the example of the singer activist, Laure Briard produces country imbued with soul, while her rough psychedelic sounds echo Cate le Bon and the romantic airy pop of Aldous Harding. Ne pas trop rester bleue is due for release on 10th February 2023 via Third Eye Stimuli Records (Aus/NZ), PWR Records (Brazil) and Midnight Special Records.

"Laure Briard creates psych-infused pop-rock that’ll immediately soothe your soul." — Deafen County

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