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Third Eye holds Mr. Luke Spook dear to its heart, after all, it’s awfully hard not to admire his authentic DIY spirit, humble character and adventurous creativity.


Luke Spook has a magical talent for conjuring up a whole world of surreal folk tales, which he tells through his unique style of songwriting. A founding member of Wollongong’s infamous garage punk rock group – The Pinheads, Luke Spook has spent the last few years quietly exploring his own sonic palette at his homestead on the south coast of NSW. 


Spook’s first collection of songs are in the form of his ‘Waking Up/Feeling Bad’ EP back in July 2018 before dropping his DIY masterwork ‘Small Town’ the following year. His eclectic back catalogue draws inspiration from his own experiences, past times and beyond. 


Listening intently one will be rewarded with the depth of Spook’s lyrical artistry. The themes and narratives underlying the songwriting are clever and adventurous. All in all it’s a jolly good time, from front to back and one cannot help but be uplifted by the experience.


How does it sound? Think The Kinks, Donovan, The Beatles. It’s nostalgia, painted with a fresh take by the creative mind of an artist with an undying love for the strangest 60s psych rock, folk, eastern ragas and country twangs.


We’ve more to come from Spook, so stay tuned.

"Luke Spook’s music holds psychedelic nuggets and quirky gems." — Bad Luck Magazine (UK)

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