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Sunfruits -  Mushroom Kingdom/Bonsoy (TES016)

TES016 Sunfruits-Mushroom Kingdom_Bonsoy.jpg

About the Album

Melbourne’s sunny psych-pop quartet Sunfruits, take us on a trip into their own psychedelic disco vortex on brand new single, ‘Mushroom Kingdom’. The song’s driving drum grooves and hypnotic bass line push the song into new-found dance territory, accompanied by horns, chorusing guitar riffs, percussive claps and reverberating vocals to lead the journey. The band’s friend Zoë Fox even makes a cameo, adding spoken word to the hallucinations.



Recorded / Produced by Gene Argiro
Mixed by Calum Newton
Mastered by Mikey Young
Artwork by Ardneks
Sleeves printed by Les Belges

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