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Five PEEL Tracks Captured Live On VHS By Downgrade

18 January 2022

Yet to see PEEL live? Love nostalgic lofi VHS aesthetic? You’re in for a treat!

Last year PEEL laid out all their sonic accessories in a warehouse, plugged in and let rip in front of the Downgrade crew and their recording devices. Conceived at the very start of pandemic lockdowns and released midway through it, only a select bunch have had the privilege of catching the Sydney psych-gazers perform material from their debut self-titled EP live. Consider this a peek at how the experience might go down.

Downgrade’s production reiterates the importance of seeing all that heavy strumming, knob turning and energetically-charged perform

ance in person. Only thing missing is the chest pounding venue sound levels, but we’ll leave it to you guys to manage your own volume levels!


0:00 Intro

1:23 Pink Smoke

5:21 Silver Spring

8:39 Splash

14:20 Memory Loop

18:37 DYNA

Directed, shot and edited by @downgrade___

Recorded by @yossif_kay

Mixed by @noisebydemon

Listen / Buy:

Available on limited edition 12" vinyl

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