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More Weird & Wonderful for your wearing pleasure!

16 February 2022

With all the loving and positive feedback from our first Weird And Wonderful merch range, we decided to get to work topping up the supplies and expanding the range with a new colour combo. So without further ado, we bring you the Weird And Wonderful Tee and Tote Bag in Army Green with Orange print!

Last time around we sold out of medium quick smart, don’t let that happen to you – grab yours today!

Recent News


25 October 2023

From France to Down Under: Laure Briard's debut Australian Tour

Third Eye Stimuli is excited to present French psych-pop artist Laure Briard on her debut Australian voyage in January 2024. Tickets on sale now.


11 November 2022

We're heading to New Zealand with Sunfruits, The Oogars and more!

Third Eye Stimuli is thrilled to present a tour of the North Island of New Zealand featuring Sunfruits, The Oogars, Joe Ghatt and Michael Llewellyn. Tickets on sale now!


4 August 2022

Sunfruits return with apocalyptic love song, ‘Made To Love'

Nearly two years on from their last single release ‘Mushroom Kingdom’, Sunfruits have returned with their new garage-rock anthem, ‘Made To Love’...

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