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Spin Our Highly Rotated Music at TES HQ for 2021

5 January 2022

If you’ve been missing our semi-regular Found Frequency Spotify playlists, best thing you can do right now for your listening wellbeing is head here and hit follow:

Now, in order to catch up on what you’ve missed out on so far, take a deep breath and dive into our rather large conglomeration of everything we added to Found Frequency in 2021.There’s around 11 hours of quality listening - guaranteed to keep you sonically satiated for some time. Perfect to chip away at during your daily commutes, or the next extended road trip.

We guarantee that inside you’ll find something you’ll want to hold onto!

Recent News


25 October 2023

From France to Down Under: Laure Briard's debut Australian Tour

Third Eye Stimuli is excited to present French psych-pop artist Laure Briard on her debut Australian voyage in January 2024. Tickets on sale now.


11 November 2022

We're heading to New Zealand with Sunfruits, The Oogars and more!

Third Eye Stimuli is thrilled to present a tour of the North Island of New Zealand featuring Sunfruits, The Oogars, Joe Ghatt and Michael Llewellyn. Tickets on sale now!


4 August 2022

Sunfruits return with apocalyptic love song, ‘Made To Love'

Nearly two years on from their last single release ‘Mushroom Kingdom’, Sunfruits have returned with their new garage-rock anthem, ‘Made To Love’...

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