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Noodle House x Sunfruits -  Friendly Split Single (TES006)

TES006 Noodle House x Sunfruits-Friendly Split Single.jpg

About the Album

Hailing from Melbourne, Sunfruits are a 60s influenced psychedelic garage-pop band that radiate sounds alike to The Babe Rainbow, Nice Biscuit and Parsnip. Noodle House are currently making waves across Sydney's inner west with their authentic 70s rock revival, in the vein of Drugdealer, Mild High Club, and even glimpses of (post-Beatles) George Harrison and John Lennon. You can see why we're hooked!

The Friendly Split 7" is about bringing two new bands and friends together, to collaborate and compliment each other's musical visions. Both sides feature a single from each band, accompanied by a conceptual track. Sunfruits' single 'All I Want' was released digitally in March 2019 and was hugely appreciated in the Aussie garage scene for it's psychedelic textures and hypnotic groove. Noodle House has offered up two entirely new songs that will melt your heart and take you back to a nostalgic time



Released August 8, 2019

7" Cover Art designed by Shelby De Fuzzio


Songs mixed and mastered by Calum Newton
Recorded by Gene Argiro

'All I Want'
Drums, percussion - Gene Argiro
Bass - Acacia Coates
Guitar, percussion, vocals - Winter McQuinn

'Evergreen (Interlude)'
Keys, vocals, drums, bass - Gene Argiro
Guitar - Winter McQuinn


Songs mixed by Jack Kinder and Lewis Mosley at 'Casa Del Noodle'
Songs mastered by Owen Penglis

'One Day (I'll See)'
Jack Kinder - Keys, vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, harmonies
Lewis Mosley - lead and rhythm guitar, slide solo
Jack Sandercock-Brown - Bass

'Old Age'
Jack Kinder - Keys, vocals and harmonies


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