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The B-Side Tangent -  Open the Vault! (TES013)

TES013 The B-Side Tangent-Open The Vault!.jpg

About the Album

More unreleased gems from Third Eye’s dusty archives! Here for your isolated enjoyment we have, The B-Side Tangent's debut collection of instrumentals - “Open The Vault!”

It was originally a side hustle, a live offshoot formed around 2014 by members of The Grease Arrestor sharing an adoration for minimalist garage grit. After life got in the way of their dingy dive bar cover gigs, a consistent, more original sound began to surface – something in the vicinity of 60s garage icons like Link Wray, The Seeds, The Music Machine and The Shadows of Knight, as well as spaghetti western and modern lo-fi artists such as Dirty Beaches and White Fence.

“Open The Vault!” is the first release from the pair. Unplanned and without intentional direction, the album is a curation of the project’s artefacts from over the years. It’s an instrumental album for lovers of soundtracks and themes, where stories are told without words, pathways to some nostalgic place that never existed.



released March 26, 2020

The B-Side Tangent is Rick Snowden (guitars, keys and other sounds) and Josh White (drums and percussion).

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Rick Snowden.

This collection was recorded sporadically between 2015 until now, at various locations - from the iconic Troy Horse in Redfern and Pleb Studios in Marrickville, to Rick's garage on the Central Coast and the "Blue House" in Austinmer. The final touches were recorded, mixed and mastered at Rick's home.

Thanks to Jim Mitchell who performed on drums for "Move Your Mind", "Spiritual Showdown" and "Within Harmony".


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