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Rosa Maria

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Inspired by the primitive garage trash and strange psychedelic sounds of the 1960s, Rosa Maria create a rock ‘n’ roll cocktail that’ll possess the hips of any listener. Combine that with an insatiable lust to entertain and a live show that oozes chemistry, Rosa Maria are not a band that one can easily forget.


Since performing their first show in early 2017, the band have torn through venues all over the country – playing shows alongside the likes of The Murlocs, Stonefield, The Dandelion and a whole stack of others. Their ultra-contagious garage hit ‘Here She Comes’, the title track from their sophomore album of the same name (2019), has already clocked over 500k spins on Spotify. 

Much like their notoriously electric live shows, their sophomore album is full of hip-shaking boogies, surf-swamp overtones and all out 60s revival garage bangers. Lead vocal duties are shared at times, adding variety and a chance for listeners to take a breather before the growls, sparkling fender tones and groovy percussion work lure you back to your feet. 


While we highly recommend digging through the ‘Here She Come’s’ album along with their debut LP ‘Let It Be Known’, if and when Rosa Maria surface on a live show, attendance is a must. Put simply by frontman Broc Townsend — "we write the songs for people to dance to.” Amen.

"Rosa Maria attempted to capture their live ethos in Here She Comes, and if the quality of the tracks on the album are anything to go by, we can only assume they are spellbinding live." — Backseat Mafia

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