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Stephen Bailey is an Australian folk rock musician based in Perth, Western Australia. Bailey is mostly a self produced artist who writes timeless music that traverses psychedelic rock, indie rock, folk and worldly instrumental grooves. He has a skill for keeping his compositions refined, spacious and precise, with each instrument being recorded with purpose and a well thought out vision.

Stephen Bailey is well-known for his work as the lead vocalist and keys player in the enigmatic psych rock band Mt. Mountain but since 2017 he has been exploring his own solo endeavours, releasing an already prolific catalogue of three albums.


Bailey released his first solo album ’Silo’ in 2017 on Melbourne label Dusky Tracks (run by Lucas Harwood of King Gizzard) and later that year saw a vinyl pressing from Rhubarb Records (WA) and the UK’s Cardinal Fuzz. Bailey’s second album titled ‘9’ was released in 2019 in collaboration by Dusky Tracks and Cardinal Fuzz, while his third album ’Tunnel’ (2021), was Bailey's first home recorded album and independent release. Whilst 'Tunnel' is Stephen's most lo-fi album, it is his most mature and rhythmic sounding work to date.


Third Eye Stimuli is thrilled to welcome Stephen Bailey to the family, with his upcoming fourth album ‘G.G. Ryder’ to be released November, 2022.

"Whether he’s conjuring wispy pop or wobbly psychedelia, Bailey has a rare talent for immersive songwriting that dazzles us with low-key revelations." — Weirdo Wasteland

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