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The Uplifting Bell Ends -  Super Giant III (TES010)

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About the Album

Released January 8, 2020

The Uplifting Bell Ends' highly revered third album in a saga under the same mysterious name, ‘Super Giant III’ (released January 2020) is sure to please all the devoted Bell Ends fans and will win over any newcomers to the scene. While the somewhat obscure album cover harks back to fantasy films such as Dark Crystal, the audible contents has no shortage of ultimate Bell Ends Australiana rock n roll, psychedelia, folk-rock and country charm, embellished by unforgettable guitar riffs, lyrical genius and recorder solos.


'Super Giant III' features some of the band's most beloved songs to date, from the sing along folk-rock anthem 'Listen', to the emotive Gram Parsons-esque 'Heart of Stone' and the psychedelic raga 'The Butterfly and The Caterpillar', plus many more favourites.

The Bell Ends deliver yet another free flowing collection of songs that encapsulates not only their DIY approach to making music, but also their personalities and lifestyle with the addition of lofi field recordings. If you listen closely throughout, you can hear all sorts of ridiculous ramblings from the Bell Ends and their friends — what does it all mean? We'll let you decide.  Prepare yourself for a weird and wonderful journey through the hearts, eyes and ears of The Uplifting Bell Ends.


1. Chet Sounds II
2. Sunshine In The Morning Time
3. I'm Not There
4. Chet Sounds III
5. Heart Of Stone
6. Super Giant (Again)
7. Listen
8. Chet Sounds I
9. The Butterfly and The Caterpillar
10. I Think It's Love (Again)
11. A Knight To Remember
12. History of The Bellends
13. When It's All In Vain
14. Rhiannon


Written and performed by:
Chet Tucker
Jack Diaz-Pethan
James French
Luke Moroney
Joshua Stone
Jack Whittingham

Special Guest Performers:
Olivia French
Sophie Moroney
Mark Moroney

Produced by The Uplifting Bell Ends
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Scott
Cover Art by Luke Player
Collage Insert by Rhiannon Roche
Layout and Design by Joshua White

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