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The Uplifting Bell Ends - Super Giant IV (TES028)

TES028 The Uplifting Bell Ends-Super Giant IV.jpg

About The Release

Everyone’s favourite Aussie psychedelic folk rockers, The Uplifting Bell Ends bring us their epic 5th album, ‘Super Giant IV’ — what the band are calling “the finale of the Super Giant saga”. The new album is out digitally September 30th with vinyl preorders shipping from October 17th.

During the pandemic in 2020/21, The Uplifting Bell Ends visionary and vocalist James French and multi-instrumentalist Chet Tucker found themselves living in a remote community in the Northern Territory, Australia. It was during their time living in the desert that the two friends wrote the new album together. It’s clear that their experiences and distance from home made an impact as the new album tells stories of travel, nature, isolation, love and longing for connection.

When the two of them finally came home for Christmas 2021 and reunited with the band, the bulk of the tracks were laid down at Luke Moroney's family home in Kareela — where nearly all Uplifting Bell Ends albums have been captured. Instruments and recording gear were sprawled across the make-shift living room studio, with James and Chet heading the sessions and members popping in and out to lay down their parts.

The Uplifting Bell Ends’ forthcoming album ‘Super Giant IV’ shows yet another colour in the band’s eclectic palette, tied together by their conceptual brilliance, underrated musicianship and French’s knack for writing some of the most unforgettable rock n roll lyrics you’ll hear today. Departing from their usual psychedelic and garage rock songs, the album explores influences from American rock of the late 60s and early 70s, as the band draws from country rock, folk, blues and outsider music. Listening to this record,The Grateful Dead, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Rolling Stones and The Band all come to mind, but The Uplifting Bell Ends make every song completely their own with their unique lofi rock spin.

Certainly not shy of owning a stage, The Uplifting Bell Ends (aka “The Bell Ends”) are renowned for their chaotic, yet charismatic live shows and have gained more than cult level adoration in the Australian underground rock scene, since their first albums ‘World Music’ and ‘Super Giant’ were released back in 2015. The Bell Ends’ effortlessly cool lofi approach to music-making and performing is guaranteed to warm the hearts of any listener. The band is an eccentric cast of pranksters that have a special chemistry that can only come from true friends.

Released September 30, 2022. 



1. Travellin' Home
2. Dear Friend
3. I'll See You Again
4. Nocturne In Chet Minor
5. That Old Familiar Feeling
6. G'Mornin Sunshine
7. You Win Some/You Lose Some
8. Keeping It All Together
9. Some Things Are Too Good To Be True
10. Maid To Remember


All songs written and performed by The Uplifting Bell Ends:
Chet Tucker, James French, Luke Moroney and Jack Whittingham

Special thanks to Josh White (drums on ‘You Win Some/You Lose Some’), Amber Newell (violin on ‘Some Things Are Too Good To Be True’) and Luke Player (pedal steel on ‘Travelin’ Home’)


Recorded and produced by The Uplifting Bell Ends
Mastered by Owen Penglis
Cover photos by Josh White
Album art and design by Josh White, Didge and Luke Player

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