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Sunfruits - One Degree (TES033)


About The Release

Sunfruits are pleased to announce their forthcoming debut album, One Degree. In high anticipation ever since the Melbourne/Naarm band released their Certified Organic EP in 2020, the album sees their most mature and conceptual songwriting to date. As heard in recent singles ‘End Of The World’, ‘Believe It All’ and ‘Made To Love’, the album showcases Sunfruits’ incredible talents in writing memorable pop songs and their desire to use their music for good. The album is filled with anthemic choruses, melodic psychedelia, harmonious ballads and danceable indie pop, interplaying with potent lyrical messages of hope and despair. Through the album’s 11 tracks the band explore environmental collapse, resilience, self-reflection, love and relationships, all textured with a coming-of-age feel.

One Degree presents a number of perspectives on environmentalism, the world and relationships with oneself and others. These perspectives circle from optimism and calls to action, to pessimism and anxiety. The album is like a prism and through each song, a different emotion comes to light, highlighting why every feeling is valid in our experience as humans. It is through this examination of our environment, the state of the world and our place in it all, that Sunfruits have created a unique and meaningful concept album. 

Comprising of Winter McQuinn, Evie Vlah, Elena Jones and Gene Argiro, Sunfruits have been making waves around Melbourne/Naarm and Australia for the past 3 years. On their debut album One Degree, the band presents new-age, anthemic psychedelia and indie-pop, similar to MGMT and Pond. The album’s memorable guitar hooks and garage-rock grit nods to artists such as Ty Segall and 70s glam-rocker, T. Rex, while the album’s softer moments echo the cinematic folk of Weyes Blood. Sunfruits take this eclectic mix of influences and create something uniquely their own, branded by euphonious four part vocals that have become a big part of their new sound. One Degree lets the listener sit with their feelings and encourages them to experience the rawness of human existence — highs, lows and the in-betweens.

One Degree is out April 28th 2023 via Third Eye Stimuli Records and Earth Libraries (USA/Canada). Pre-order limited edition vinyl and merch now.



1. Believe It All

2. Made To Love

3. Better Off Dead

4. One Degree

5. Reeling

6.End Of The World

7. Hello Future Me

8. Feeling Fine

9. Spiders

10. Jasmine

11. Warning Signs


Produced by Gene Argiro & Theo Carbo
Engineered by Theo Carbo
Mixed & Mastered by John Lee
Written by Winter McQuinn & Gene Argiro
Performed by Winter McQuinn, Gene Argiro, Elena Jones, Evie Vlah & Imogen Cygler
Additional Guitar on 'One Degree' by Theo Carbo
Cover Photos by Kalindy Williams
Cover Design by Shelby De Fazio

Recorded on Gadubanud Country/Kennett River in 2021

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