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The Flamingo Jones

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The Flamingo Jones are one of Brisbane’s most elusive, hypnotic psych rock bands and kaleidoscopic groove merchants.


Fronted by creative mastermind Johnny Mort and supported by a mysterious collective of instrumentalists, The Flamingo Jones live experience, just like their released material, is one hell of a trip. Driven by woozy bass lines, haunting guitar and the odd tambourine splash, Johnny’s vocals float about, melodic at times, spoken at others, telling strange tales to assist the journey. The band use repetition as a weapon, with pulsing segments that stretch out, intelligently arranged as to keep the ear entertained throughout.


With five releases to their name, The Flamingo Jones have plenty to pass around. 'Night Train Odyssey: The Adventures Of Bobby Night Train' (2021), was their most recent LP, which heralded the band’s transition into a new form, sold out shortly after its release. The flow of fresh ideas and reinvention grants the band the kind of longevity most groups struggle to achieve.


"As championed by the likes of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Flamingo Jones deploy a brand of lo-fi psychedelic rock that hits like a truck live." — Stew Magazine

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