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The Laurels

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The Laurels hail from Sydney, Australia and have been creating sounds of the shoegaze and psychedelic kind since way back in 2006.


To this day the band have been through a few lineup switches, spent a handful of years apart and released two full length albums. With this level of experience behind them and international critical acclaim for said albums, ‘Plains’ (2012) and ‘Sonicology’ (2016), the band have carved out a reputation based on songwriting, arrangement and production, as well as their ear-shattering live performances. They’ve toured internationally and played alongside cult artists in similar veins to the likes of Tame Impala, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black AngelsDungen and Swervedriver


Since their early days of raw DIY production, the band have been gradually shifting towards a more polished and considered creation process, from songwriting to recording. For their upcoming body of work, including singles, ‘Ex-Sherpa’, ‘Ten Thousand Years’ and ‘Borrowed Time’, the group spent over six months with Lachlan Mitchell at Parliament Studios sculpting what the band considers to be their finest work yet – the ‘Homecoming’ album. 


Combining the energy from their live shows with their penchant for experimental recording processes, ‘Homecoming’ jumps between visceral post punk, funk infused psychedelia, epic pop anthems and dense synth soundscapes to create a mesmerising and dreamlike journey that is constantly evolving over the course of the album’s ten tracks.

"You’d have to have kooked it fairly hard to be a fan of Australian music and not be across The Laurels." — Tone Deaf

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