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The Uplifting Bell Ends

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Certainly not shy of owning a stage, The Uplifting Bell Ends (aka “The Bell Ends”) are renowned for their chaotic, yet charismatic live shows and have gained more than cult level adoration in the Australian psychedelic folk-rock scene since their albums ‘World Music’ and ‘Super Giant’ were released back in 2015.

The Uplifting Bell Ends' effortlessly cool lofi approach to music-making and performing is guaranteed to warm the hearts of any listener. The band is an eccentric cast of pranksters that have a special chemistry that can only come from true friends. Frontman James French, is the band's artistic visionary who's poetic prowess and stage banter never disappoints. Bell Ends originals, Jack Whittingham and Luke Moroney bring guitar antics that can not be tamed and retro musical genius, Chet Tucker (Chet Sounds) has taken the band's song writing to a whole new level. Let's not forget Josh Stone ("Stoney") who's casual appearances on bass guitar are always solid.

The Bell Ends recording process is all in house, allowing the full extent of their explorations and experimentations to be reproduced in their true character, mirroring the band's unpredictable, yet reliably entertaining, live shows. Every record to date has been tracked in Moroney's family home in South Sydney, where the band usually takes over the living room for a few weeks (or until they get kicked out).


Over the years the ‘Super Giant’ albums have become collectable artifacts, with a steady stream of plays and record sales across the three albums. At first listen one might struggle to assign the Bell Ends' sound to a particular era or influence, owing to their true originality — we’d rather leave it up to interpretation. 


The Uplifting Bell Ends forthcoming 5th album 'Super Giant IV' is set for release on September 30th, 2022 and the band is calling this record; “the finale of the Super Giant saga”. Vinyl preorders are now available! Head to our shop.

"Their Flying Nun meets 1960s garage sound sets it apart from the plethora of bands stuck in the throwback cycle." — Happy Mag.

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