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Luke Spook -  Waking Up / Feeling Bad (TES004)

TES004 Luke Spook-Waking Up_Feeling Bad.jpg

About the Album

Third Eye Stimuli Records is excited to introduce the newest member of their family, the marvellous LUKE SPOOK. A founding member of Wollongong’s infamous garage punk rock group, The Pinheads, Spook has been quietly exploring his own sonic palette for the last few years. From his inner journeys, he brings you his debut EP ‘Waking Up/Feeling Bad’.

To be released July 4 2018 on limited edition gold tape cassette and digitally via TES.

‘Waking Up/Feeling Bad’ is a collection of surreal songs exploring Luke Spook’s own psychedelic worlds. Aliken to Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd at the UFO Club, Spook’s unique take on paisley four-to-the-floor garage rock will hypnotise you! With wailing guitar riffs, folk rock licks and a pulsating rhythm section, Spook’s unique song writing and lo fi production might also remind you of contemporaries such as Tim Presley (White Fence) and Ty Segall.



Released July 4 2018


Written and recorded by Luke spook

Miles Myjavec - Tabla

Tanya Avanus - Flute

Mastered by Jez Player

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