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Certified Remixes - Cyber Pink 7"

Certified Remixes - Cyber Pink 7"

● Hot Pink Transparent 7" Vinyl (45rpm)

● Limited edition of 100 worldwide

● 300gsm jacket (glued pocket)

● Pressed by Zenith Records, Australia

‘Certified Remixes’ is the new 7” EP from Sunfruits featuring three remixes of their own songs ‘Above The Clouds’, ‘Mushroom Kingdom’ and ‘Whatever You Want’. Sunfruits welcome fellow Melbourne/Naarm artists, Traffik Island, Hachiku and Candy Moore to take their compositions into new dimensions. With each artist coming from a different musical background and scene, together they make this release a unique culmination.

The ‘Above The Clouds’ remix sees Zak Olsen of Traffik Island (Frowning Clouds, ORB, Hierophants) deconstruct the song into a whole new form with a sampled beat underneath the repeated French dialogue of Minnie Coates — what was a peripheral lyric of the original song, now becoming the focus.

Hachiku is the name of avant garde bedroom pop producer and artist, Anika Ostendorf — signed to Milk! Records. Anika’s remix of Sunfruits’ ‘Whatever You Want’ dives deep into the dreaminess and dark textures of the original track, adding Hachiku’s signature reverberated vocals and lush tones.

Calum Newtown (aka Candy Moore), demonstrates his sonic know-how transforming Sunfruits' psych-disco number 'Mushroom Kingdom' into an otherworldly dance hit that beckons you out of your seat, complete with a thumping bass drum decorated by Winter McQuinn’s vocals, dramatic horns and plethora of samples.

The artwork for the 7” was designed by US based artist Andrew McGranahan (Desert Daze, Bonnaroo) and is a visual interpretation of the idea of remixing. 


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