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Sunfruits are a Melbourne-based psychedelic pop band bringing sounds of the past into the future, with their own modern garage rock spin.


Founded in 2018 by Winter McQuinn, members include Evie Vlah, Imogen Cygler, Elena Jones and Gene Argiro. While their music is playful and upbeat, the themes and messages behind the songs concern environmental collapse, social uprising, human relationships and willingness to change.

While Sunfruits pull from a variety of 60s and 70s inspiration, it’s their originality, lyrical integrity, modern style and production that sets them apart from being a “revivalist” group. Much like contemporary artists such as MGMT, Babe Rainbow and Weyes Blood, Sunfruits’ songs are not only classic and memorable but offer meaning and purpose too.

The band’s 2020 debut EP ‘Certified Organic’ saw them launch their unique blend of psychedelic rock and percussive jams, while ‘Mushroom Kingdom’ revealed an infectious disco-groove. Their most exciting material is waiting to be revealed soon, on their highly-anticipated debut album.

The band has been nominated for two Music Victoria Awards including Best Band and Best Song and were named "one of 2020's most exciting acts" by Pilerats.

"The band’s psychedelic pop is so sweet it would have any kid salivating at the mouth." — Beat Mag

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