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Winter McQuinn

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Winter McQuinn is a solo musician and artist from Melbourne/Naarm, also known as the frontman of psych-pop band Sunfruits and as a drummer in a plethora of other bands. 


Winter's solo music explores psychedelic country and folk rippling with a free-ness similar to to Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, Kevin Ayers and more modern psychedelic purveyors, such as Doug Tuttle and The Babe Rainbow. His music has been described as “psychedelic pop that draws on ‘60s flower-power that comes pollinated with dashes of 21st Century environmentalism and political awareness” (Shindig Magazine).


His live group known as Winter McQuinn & The Garden Gnomes includes a conveyor belt of wonderful musicians including Acacia Coates (Pinch Points, Slush), Jaspar Robinson (Pup Tentacle), Imogen Cygler (Sunfruits, Jade Alice), Ollie Cox (Quested & Cox, Juice Webster) and Rudy Polacheck (Austin, Texas).

Winter McQuinn’s impressive 2021 debut album ‘A Rabble Of Bees’ marked the beginning of Winnie’s solo wanderings, showcasing his songwriting talents and DIY inventiveness. Just as a rabble of real bees all move separately on their own journeys but work together for the same goal, each song has its own story and trajectory that winds up in the same place.


"Free-spirited, paisley boogie surrounding friendship and environmentalism with lysergic tones of Syd Barrett" — New Commute (USA)

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